We are a group who work together to bring exciting things & processes into existence. 
We are a team driven community with alternative & positive views on how to get jobs done. 

We are interested in understanding old things & processes - understanding the world as it is. 

We are excited about building new processes & products, & developing ways to serve everyone who is alive...

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    Our Mission
    by Steve Chernishov - Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 12:40 AM
    PAN panda, BAM boy & friends work together to DESIGN & develop the ultimate world - where everyone has purpose, cares about each other, we are constantly having an adventure, & where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Our PANBAM mission is to inspire hope & creativity - do join us!

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    In PANBAM World we recognize that interactions between all living beings can always be improved. When we can learn to think beyond individualism & co-existing into deeply understanding the strengths of everyone in our close sphere - then we can learn to build resilient, sustainable & strong solutions that benefit everyone we touch..
    Exploring ideas & developing them is somethIng we can all do. And when we creatively DESIGN new solutions, we can learn to clearly see new ways forward for those we have chosen. There are far ur main steps in this process - 1. Investigation 2. Planning 3. Creating 4. Evaluation
    Choosing to care is about carrying hope, which is a state of being that must be constantly built up within us. When we care we see the potential of others & opportunities that can be brought to life.. Caring is a way of living which can be taught, & it must be embraced within us then shared with others. Learning to care more deeply & genuinely is a way of life we will practice & master.. Care & kind behavior are the core power behind personal wellness \ wellbeing. Let's learn to embrace our inner strengths....
    Decision Making is best done systematically, so we don't get lost in emotions, or distracted from doing what really matters. The 4D Process involves: 1. Dreaming 2. Designing 3. Deciding 4. Doing